Navy Captain (Ret.) A. Zafer BETONER (Turkish Navy-MSEE) was born in İstanbul on October 15th,  1956. He completed his primary and secondary school in Istanbul. He attended the Turkish Naval Academy in 1974 and graduated as an Ensign in 1978.

He started his first duty as a Communication Officer on “TCG Izmir” Destroyer. After completing this service he had served as a Navigation Officer on “TCG Kurtaran”, Submarine Rescue Ship and Executive Officer on “TCG Girne”  Gunboat between 1980 and 1983.

Following that he has completed Master of Science Degree in Electronic Engineering (BS Degree in Computer Science) at Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey / California, USA between 1984 and 1986. After returning to Turkey, he was assigned as an Anti-Air Warfare Officer to TCG Yavuz Frigate built in Germany.  He was one of the plank owner of this ship during the handing over ceremony on 17th July, 1987.

After 1989, he served as an Anti-Surface Warfare Officer and than as a Weapon Electronic Officer on TCG Yavuz Frigate. Right after completing his sea duty (active duty) period, he had served as Weapon Group Manager (Sistem Maintenance, Repair and Instalation) in Production Department, and Shipbuilding Managing Officer (Planning, Work Order Preparation, and Material Management, and  Project Coordination) in the Planning, Estimating and Design Department of Gölcük Naval Shipyard Command between 1990 and 1995. He also extensively cooperated with EKM (Turkish Navy Inventory Control Center) ILS, COSAL/COSMAL, LSA issues for shipbuilding projects.

In August 1995, he was assigned  as Submarine Liaison Officer at HDW Shipyard in Kiel, Germany for the Coordiantion of 206 Class Submarine Construction. He had been given the chance to learn about the German Shipbuilding activities for 209 and 212 Class Submarines.

After completing this duty he was assigned to Turkish Naval Force Command Headquarters in Ankara. Between 1996 and 2000, he has served as the Chief of the Submarine (Preveze and Gür Class Submarines Projects), the Mine (MHV Project) and the Frigate (MEKO, Light Frigate and MILGEM projects) Divisions in Shipbuilding Department at Chief of Techniques of TNHQ. During this four years period; he had managed the Gür Class Submarine and Modern Torpedo Acquistion Projects with MND Foreign Procurement Department, and also Aydýn Class Mine Hunter Acquistion Project with SSM (UDI) including RfP preparation, Tendering, Contrating and Contract Signing Processes while working on the management of ongoing projects. Parallel with these activities; he had also been involved with NATO PG 38 (NSRS) Submarine Rescue System Project (MOSHIP & SRV) for about three years.

After this mission, between 2000-2002 he had completed his abroad duty as a Turkish Naval Projects Coordinator in Bremen, Germany for the Frigate, Submarine, Fast Patrol Boat and Mine Hunting Shipbuilding (as also SSM PCO Head) Programmes, and thier related subcontracting activities in accordance with the directives of the Chief of Techniqes, TNHQ.

In 2002 he was assigned to the Defense Industry Foreign Relations Department of MND as a Chief of Plan, Management and Publicity (Promotion of Turkish Defence Industry, Exhibitions, General Management of IDEF-03 and IDEF’05 at MND) Division. Additionally, he had served as a Chief of Multilateral Foreign Relations (NATO CNAD, WEU WEAG, EU EDA) Division in 2004. Captain BETONER was promoted to senior captain in 2002, and had served as Deputy Head of Defense Industry Foreign Relations Department between 01.04.2005 - 22.08.2005 at MND. He got retired from Defense Industry Technical Services Department of MND as a Chief of Plan, Management and Publicity Division in 28February.

Lastly, Captain A.Zafer BETONER was assigned Technical Services Department of MND as a Chief of Plan, Management and Publicity Division.

He became retired on 28th of February 2006 and at present has had his first private sector experience by working at Yonca-Onuk Shipyard as Marketing Manager between March and October 2006.

He started to organize seminars since October 2008 (such as Naval Systems Seminar, Land Systems Seminar and last Air-Avionic Systems Seminar). 

A.Zafer BETONER is married and has two daughters. He is fluent in English. He also speaks a little bit of daily German.

06.11.78 - 05.01.79    
Communication Officer Training, Gölcük
05.12.83 - 05.03.86    
Naval Post Graduate School, 590 MSEE (BSCS), Monterey / California USA
28.04.86 - 20.06.86    
Seaguard (CIWS) Operator Training, Oerlikon Contraves AG, Zurich / Switzerland
22.09.86 - 01.05.87    
Seaguard (CIWS) Maintenance Training, OCAG Zurich / Switzerland
24.11.86 - 13.02.87   
Seazenith 25 mm Gun Operator / Maintanence Training, OCAG  Zurich / Switzerland
04.05.87 - 03.07.87    
Dolphin Search Radar Maintenance Training, Siemens-Plessey, Isle of Wight / UK
04.11.91 - 15.05.92    
ISUS 83-2 Integrated Submarine Underwater System Maintenance Course, Atlas Elektronik GmbH, Bremen / Germany
14.06.93 - 10.09.93    
Seazenith 25 mm Gun Maintenance Course, OCAG Stockach / Germany
30.08.95 - 30.08.96    
Submarine Liaison Officer, HDW Kiel / Germany
30.08.96 - 30.09.99    
TNHQ, Shipbuilding Department, Submarine Division Head (also Mine Ships Division Deputy Head), Ankara
30.09.99 - 20.08.00    
TNHQ, Shipbuilding Department, Frigate Division Head, Ankara

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